Deepfakes are AI-generated media that can place people into videos they were never in. While deepfakes have raised ethical concerns, they also offer opportunities for creativity and innovation when used responsibly. Our deepfake creator allows anyone to easily make their own deepfakes and viral videos within minutes.

How Our Deepfake Creator Works

Our deepfake creator uses the deep technology to map your face onto a target video. It requires just two inputs: a photo of your face and a short video of the person you want to replace. Our AI algorithm analyzes both inputs and generates a deepfake video where your face has been mapped onto the target person's face in the video. The process is quick and easy, requiring no technical expertise. We also offer advanced tools for refining and improving your deepfakes.

Ensuring Responsible Use

While deepfakes can be fun, we take the ethical use of our technology very seriously. We have strict community guidelines that prohibit illegal, harmful or nonconsensual deepfakes. All deepfakes created with our tools must abide by these guidelines. We also provide resources on how to use deepfakes responsibly and detect fake media.

Types of Deepfakes You Can Create

With our deepfake creator, you can make all sorts of viral deepfakes:

  1. Comedy deepfakes - Create hilarious deepfakes for social media.
  2. Educational deepfakes - Use deepfakes to demonstrate complex concepts.
  3. Marketing deepfakes - Generate sample ads with your company's spokesperson.


With our easy-to-use deepfake creator, anyone can make high-quality deepfakes within minutes. But we know with great power comes great responsibility. That's why we take a firm stance on the ethical use of our tools and the security of your data. Start creating your own deepfakes today while staying safe, legal and respectful of others.