About Deepfake App

Deepfake App starts collecting voluntary donations from today(Sun 6 Mar 2022) to develop an online application with the following features:

  1. Сhange a human face to an animal face
  2. Change faces to animations
  3. Change of clothes
  4. Clothes fitting
  5. ...

You can leave your thoughts about developing an additional feature here. The function of changing the face to someone else's face will not be implemented in the application – this is not ethical.

Before making a donation, read the offer. For those who do not want to read the offer, briefly about the offer: Development will begin after the set amount of $ 25,000. Donat can be made via Paypal or by filling out a sponsored advertising offer. Some features in the app may be removed or new ones added. deepfakesonline.app does not refund money as it is a donation.

The general statistics of donations can be viewed in your personal account.

How to support Deepfake App and make pre-registration

  1. Register
  2. Сomplete a sponsorship offer by getting private access.
  3. After registration, donation and launch of development. Sometimes you will receive invitations to participate in the testing of the Deepfake App. An invitation letter will also be sent to you on the day of the release.