Face Swap Star

Face Swap Star is a fun photo and video editing app that allows you to swap faces with celebrities, friends or random people in media clips using artificial intelligence.

The stand-out feature of Face Swap Star is its vast face library and database. The face recognition and swap technology seamlessly identifies faces and maps facial features to swap them realistically. The face database includes thousands of celebrity photos that you can access with a subscription.

Using the app, you can create hilarious face swap videos, photos and GIFs within seconds. All you need to do is choose your target video or photo, select the face you want to swap with from the face library and the app does the swap automatically. The results look surprisingly realistic.

You also get plenty of options to fine tune and enhance the auto-generated face swaps. This includes tuning face shapes, skin tones, animations, backgrounds and more to get that perfect face swapped clip.

Other key functions include popular meme templates, stickers, multi-face swaps and splits. You can add music and text captions as well.

Overall, if you are looking for a powerful and fun face swap app with lots of celebrity and character options, Face Swap Star is a leading choice. The AI makes swapping faces easy and intuitive for all kinds of everyday users.