FaceMerge is an AI-powered face merging and morphing app that blends facial features from two people into one new synthetic face. Here's an overview of its key functions:

Facial Recognition & Mapping
The foundation of FaceMerge is advanced facial recognition which can detect and map out facial landmarks (eyes, nose, lips, etc) from two source photos. This mapping enables precise face morphing.

Customizable Merging
Users can control the degree of blending between the two faces. Using a merge slider, the app can create a seamless face that is closer to face 1 or face 2, or evenly blended.

Symmetry Preservation
The machine learning techniques ensure symmetry is maintained in the final merged face. If facial features are not aligned or differently sized in the inputs, the app automatically adjusts for a natural merged result.

Realistic Depth & Detail
Using generative adversarial networks and image reconstruction techniques, FaceMerge can hallucinate realistic skin pores, wrinkles and depth in the merged face - even adding a 3D effect.

Output & Sharing
The results can be shared on social media platforms directly or saved to camera rolls. The output resolution can also be adjusted based on intended usage - from profile pictures to large-format printing.

In summary, FaceMerge makes advanced synthetic face generation accessible instantly to anyone with just two photos. It pioneers new frontiers for AI-enabled facial recombination expanding creativity for arts, effects, and entertainment.