FaceMorph is an easy-to-use photo and video editing app that allows morphing and blending of faces. Here is a quick overview:

Facial Landmark Detection
The key enabler of its face morphing capabilities is accurate mapping of facial landmarks like eyes, nose, mouth etc. Using advanced face alignment algorithms, FaceMorph can identity and model facial components from multiple photos or videos.

Intuitive Morphing Controls
The app provides a simple morph slider allowing gradual transition from one face into another. Users can control the degree of blend between the two faces. Important facial parts can also be masked to retain definition. This simplicity opens up creative editing possibilities.

Seamless Face Blending
FaceMorph employs various image processing techniques like tweening to enable smooth morphing that avoids distortion or artifacts. Differences in pose and orientation between source faces is automatically adjusted for most pleasing results.

Animated Face Morphing
In addition to still photos, morphing between faces can also be keyframed over time by setting different slider positions. When these hybrid faces are sequenced, this allows creating dynamic face transition animations and effects.

Sharing & Exporting
The edited photos and videos with face morphing effects can be directly shared via social media from the app. They can also be saved to camera roll or exported in standard formats compatible with other video editing apps.

In summary, FaceMorph makes the professional effect of face morphing easily accessible to anyone on their mobile device. With just photos/videos of two faces, creative hybrid facial mashups and animations can be readily produced by anyone with this app.