Face Swap Editor

Face Swap Editor is a powerful photo and video editing app enabling users to seamlessly swap faces with precision editing tools and controls. Advanced facial manipulation technology powered by AI makes producing realistic face swaps easy.

Key features and functions:

  • Import images or videos to edit from camera roll. Automatically detects all faces to swap. Choose new faces from library or social media.

  • Proprietary mapping algorithms analyze facial features like bone structure, skin tone and lighting for accurate digital face overlays.

  • Powerful editing tools refine face swaps including seamless boundary blending, skin texture smoothing, teeth and eye enhancements.

  • Precisely adjust face position, scale, rotation and perspective. Enhance colors, lighting and definition for integrated, natural looking results.

  • Animate face swaps in custom videos and GIFs using the same facial manipulation engine. Fun stickers and textures.

  • Share final photo realistic face swap creations via social media instantly. Option to save all editing steps applied.

  • Intuitive timeline based interface ideal for precision editing on mobile devices. Tutorials assist first time users.

In summary, Face Swap Editor provides advanced AI powered facial mapping and editing tools for anyone to easily manipulate faces in photos and videos down to the finest details, for creative, humorous or wacky facial combinations.