Face Swap Filter

Face Swap Filter is a photo and video app featuring innovative augmented reality filters that swap faces in real-time. Powered by accurate facial recognition algorithms, the filters match user expressions and movements.

Key features and functions include:

  • Access filters showing different faces that overlay onto yours, replicating facial expressions and positions as you move.

  • Range of filters with celebrity, fictional character, animal or friend faces to map onto yours. New filters added regularly.

  • Advanced mapping and tracking of facial data points allows filters to precisely match movement like smiles, frowns and head turns.

  • Filters render smooth, detailed facial overlays adjusted for contours, lighting and skin tone for realistic looking swaps.

  • Record fun face swap videos or photos with the filters to save to camera roll or instantly share on social media.

  • Additional AR effects like hats, glasses and masks can layer on top for more creative possibilities.

  • Intuitive interface makes accessing and controlling filters simple with real-time rendering giving instant face swap entertainment.

  • Browse community filter creations or share your own videos. User-voted contests for best videos.

In summary, Face Swap Filter delivers augmented reality face swapping in real-time through dynamically rendered filters that track facial features and expressions for easily shareable photos and videos.