Face Swap Face

Face Swap Face is a mobile app that allows users to swap faces between people in photos or videos, powered by advanced facial recognition and mapping technology. It makes producing creative and humorous face swaps easy and fun.

Key features and functions:

  • Upload existing photos/videos from your camera roll or use the in-app camera to capture new photos to face swap. Automatic face detection.

  • Choose from friend photos, celebrities or cartoon faces in the app library to swap onto the target faces detected in your media.

  • Proprietary algorithms precisely map facial features from the source face onto the target face for seamless overlays - considers contours, skin tone, expressions.

  • Advanced editing tools help refine the face swap like edge blending, skin smoothing, light adjustments and overlay tweaks for realistic results.

  • Add animations or visualize face swaps in short videos and GIFs using the same face tracking technology. Fun filters and effects.

  • One-tap share to social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok. Engage with the app's online community and browse top swaps.

  • Intuitive mobile interface allows anyone to easily manipulate faces in media just by tapping. User guide for first-time users.

In summary, Face Swap Face puts professional-grade facial manipulation and mapping into anyone's hands for creating fun, weird or wacky photo and video face swaps in seconds thanks to its sophisticated AI technology.